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Making challenges simple
In the year 2002, SDK Technologies (SDK) is put on track by knowledgeable software professionals who have a combined experience of 50 man years.SDK is into e Learning and e Publishing. Education is the fastest growing vertical in India and is recession proof. Besides competitive exam software titles, SDK published books and software titled Speed Math using Vedic Mathematics catering to the school students studying K-12. 

The last 2 decades of ICT revolution has ushered several paradigm shifts that has impacted education & the way people learn. Learning 4.0 underway is a seminal & disruptive paradigm shift unlike the previous ways of learning; One that promises an unprecedented scale of influence that will have a

transformative impact on productivity, competitiveness and efficiency across the competitive exam preparation. The above factors are aligning to form a powerful catalyst poised to usher a golden age of Information enabled Digital Innovation Era.

Breakthrough thinking lead Innovation Agenda encompassing new preparation Models for success in competitve exams SDK Technologies is taking a quantum leap by providing the best of the testing tools, backed by excellent content development team and a collaborative learning approach. The TestRunner aims to help the student's test ability in the respective competitive exam. Whatever is the level of performance of the student, software will show strengths

and weaknesses in the preparation. These reports are very useful for the student and continuous availability of this kind of reports are impossible for a manual system to provide. Student will be able to take more tests quickly analyze in a better way and the pricing works out to less than Rs.10 a test with complete evaluation. 

The Speed Math Tutor aims to develop the student's ability to compute 'in the head'. However when the numbers are larger than three digits, the visualisation and mental work, borders on the impossible. Towards this the 'pencil paper' Vedic Math method of general multiplication, though not mental, is universal in application and very much cuts on working out time.

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